《China’s rural-urban inequality in the countryside》

  作者:Yan Gao(高岩)、Shailaja Fennell



 This book approaches the issue of rural-urban inequality through fieldwork conducted in a specific   township  in Qinggang County, part of Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China. Presenting   painstaking  fieldwork in a single location, it successfully illustrates fundamental aspects of the reality and   the complexity of rural-urban inequality that cannot be found in macro-level studies, most of which are   prepared by economists. The book offers a unique combination of rigorous economic analysis with   insightful social and anthropological analysis, as well as revealing interviews with local government officials. This approach provides a rich tapestry of rural perceptions of rural-urban inequality. With in-depth analysis and empirical evidence on questions concerning the development and root causes of urban-rural disparities, the book significantly enriches our understanding of the widely discussed issue of rural-urban income inequality, but from the unique perspective of rural China.

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